The Dining Table of Coastal Palestinians

With a tour of the "A People by the Sea" Exhibition

A dining experience with Chef and Artist Fidaa Abuhamdiya
Tour by assistant curator Ahmad Alaqra

Monday, September 25th, 17:00-19:30
Location: The Palestinian Museum
Language: Arabic

Join us for the tour of A People by the Sea: Narratives from the Palestinian Coast, the Museum’s latest exhibition. Visitors will be able to explore its different stations, themes, and commissioned artworks for the last time. We’ll then gather around The Dining Table of Coastal Palestinians, where we’ll learn about how these seafood dishes inspired by Palestinian coastal cuisine have changed over time as we taste a meal especially prepared and presented to us by Fida Abu Hamdiya, a chef and artist whose speciality is the Palestinian kitchen.

The tour is complimentary, while dining tickets are 50 ILS each.

Ticket sale locations:
Zeit ou Zaater restaurant
The Palestinian Museum. 

About the artist:
Born in 1982, Fidaa Abuhamdiya is a Palestinian chef and artist from Hebron. In 2019 she studied culinary arts at the University of Padua in Italy. She works to combat the Israeli theft and cultural appropriation of Palestinian food; she sees her country’s food as part of the identity of the greater Arab region and a symbol of the culture and heritage of her people. In 2016, Abu Hamdiya and her Italian friend Silvia Chiarantini wrote and published POP Palestine Cuisine, the first book on Palestinian folk cooking in Italian. It is unique in its presentation of an actual culinary journey that starts from Jenin in the north of the West Bank through Jerusalem to the southern West Bank before ending in Gaza.