Book a facility

Booking instructions and criteria

  • Submit your application at least one month before the desired rental date.
  • The requested facility must be available, and the requested rental date must not conflict with the dates of the Palestinian Museum’s events.
  • The event to be held must not conflict with the vision and mission of the Palestinian Museum.
  • The event organiser must adhere to Green Building guidelines.
  • The Palestinian Museum accepts applications from individuals, companies, NGOs, institutions, existing and officially recognised diplomatic. committees, and applicants of similar credibility.

The Museum will abstain from accepting facility rental applications in the following cases

  • Supporters of anti-human rights activities.
  • Any political, partisan, or religious activities.
  • Events that conflict with the Museum’s internal policies.
  • At any point as is in the Museum’s best interest.

Other rules and regulations

  • The applicant must inform the Palestinian Museum if alcoholic beverages are to be made available to the event audience. The Palestinian Museum reserves the right to accept or reject this request according to the nature of the event and its audience.
  •  Inappropriate behaviour is prohibited at all events. Palestinian Museum security staff reserve the right to intervene in case of said inappropriate behaviour.


We can provide events with any of the following services if organised by prior
arrangement and at additional cost, based on the nature and quantity of services

  • Guided tours of the exhibition and/or of the Museum
  • Coatroom
  • Interpretation services
  • Decorations made from the garden’s plants
  • Meals or space for cooking
  • Chairs and tables
  • Projects and sound system