Launches and opening ceremonies

In its outreach to the public, the Public Programme aims to capture the museum team’s achievements small and large, some of which take months or even years to prepare and implement. At the end of this journey, achievements are announced in celebrations private and public that are aimed at engaging stakeholders and the local community in the team’s joy, informing them of the potential of what was accomplished, and increasing public access. In this way, the museum achieves its goal to disseminate museum-related knowledge.

Launches and opening ceremonies carried out vary in the projects involved from the launch of annual exhibitions, to art books produced by young artists in the context of a specific exhibition or project, to the opening of modern facilities within the museum halls (the conservation and digitisation studios), to the launch of a permanent digital project, namely the Palestinian Museum Digital Archive (PMDA project) and the Interactive Encyclopaedia of the Palestine Question (PalQuest). These celebrations are carried out in-person or online and are designed in creative ways that keep their audience in mind.