Art performances

We always seek to be open to the broader public by transforming the museum in the collective consciousness into a public and open space for interaction, sharing, learning, and fun. The Museum sees itself as a place for various types of experiences, of which crowd activities are a facet. These activities allow direct communication and interaction with collective issues and celebrate national, cultural, and even humanitarian occasions.

The museum uses its gardens, facilities, theatre, and exhibition halls as places to host various performances. Some of these performances are displayed on social media to ensure that they reach a wider audience in Palestine and around the world. These include theatrical performances inspired by the museum’s exhibitions, historical milestones in the life of the Palestinian people, or the lives of prominent figures in our contemporary history evidenced by our digital archive. They also include singing, folk dance, and other performances by Palestinian artists whose lyrical stories, artistic connections, and concert themes are inspired by the themes contained within our exhibitions. In this way, history, art, and culture become reason enough to meet together and celebrate. The Palestinian Museum is a place dedicated to the public, presenting these performances as one of the pillars of Palestinian art.