“Wheat Palm”
In partnership with the Sanabel Initiative

For the Whole Family

Tuesday, June 4th | 16:00-18:00
Location: The Palestinian Museum
Language: Arabic

On the Harvest Season in Gaza, Now Made Impossible

Over the years, Palestinian farmers would create “wheat palms” to hang over their doorways; they represented a token of gratitude for the abundant harvest that the Creator had blessed them with. It is a popular tradition that has been passed on for hundreds of years, woven by our ancestors in historical Palestine before and after all the foreign occupations.

In these terrible times that our people are going through in the Gaza Strip, where there is no wheat threshing floors, no harvest, and no bread- where the pangs of hunger during famine are felt day and night- we invite you to contemplate with us this traditional ritual. Together we will harvest ears of wheat in the Museum’s Garden and make wheat palms to hang on our doors. We’ll do this as a prayer and a supplication for God to ease the burden of grief from Gaza; that they will again fill their wheat stores for the thousands of years to come.

For those interested in participating, please register in advance by emailing us at: education@palmuseum.org