Artworks / Installation works
Date made 2017
Artist / Maker Vera Tamari

Vera Tamari is an artist, curator, contemporary art historian, and educator. Nature and the rich and complex lived history of Palestine are dominant themes in her multidisciplinary artistic practice. Tamari’s works come from the perspective of her personal encounters with the landscape of Palestine, one that is both filled with awe at the complexity of the land, its ancient olive trees, cacti and rolling hills, but also the brutal occupation of it. Tamari works with diverse media and has realised artworks in bas-relief imagery from clay, or ambitious public installations using cars that have been wrecked by Israeli incursions. Home is an installation deriving from the artist’s own memories and experiences. She recalls the staircases of Palestinian homes in the old city of Jerusalem, a space which historically was shared with one’s neighbours and community. Today, these homes and staircases are caged – a ‘security” measure, enforced by settlers, that besieges Palestinian families in their own homes. In the words of the artist, the work is “Rising up in defiance of the caged colonisation of Palestinian homes of Jerusalem.”

Object details

Wire mesh
275 x 275 x 275 cm
Commissioned for
Jerusalem Lives (Tahya Al Quds) exhibition