Ali Kazak collection

Ali Kazak

In 2015, Mr Ali Kazak donated a valuable collection of posters, artworks, photographs, and films that document the revolution and the Palestine Question. He collected them between 1971-2005 while working as a PLO Representative and State of Palestine Ambassador to multiple states. The collection was part of his efforts, alongside a group of supporters and activists, to bolster the Palestinian narrative and refute the Zionist one. It was inevitable that the Ali Kazak Collection come back home after many long years in the diaspora.

The valuable collection of posters, artworks, and objects was immediately presented to the Palestinian Museum, fulfilling Kazak’s decades-old promise. The complete Ali Kazak Collection includes 52 artworks, 19 old photographs, 7 pieces, 3 films, and 540 posters, including 50 posters from the ‘Down with the Occupation’ campaign (produced by a group of artists covering the period between 1967-1978) and 26 posters by the Greek painter Katzico Yiannai.

The story of this collection was also the personal story of Kazak. Throughout his life journey, he carried with him the dreams of veteran resistance fighters and a material legacy that he pledged to preserve despite his frequent travels. Kazak was aware of the motivational value of this collection, and the enormous role political posters, in particular, played in guiding and mobilising the Palestinian street. Therefore, when he first started building up the collection, Kazak decided to eventually give it to the Palestinian Museum.

To learn more about the story of this collection and about Mr Ali Kazak, watch the filmed interview conducted by the Palestinian Museum here.