Specialised educational workshops

The Public Programme annually carries out a rich series of specialised educational and enlightening workshops that are specifically aimed at transforming the theoretical knowledge provided by the museum's exhibitions and programmes into interactive activities and creative production. In the context of the launch of the documents and textiles conservation studio, the programme conducts a series of practical workshops within the studio, in which trainees receive practical guidance to help them maintain their personal collections. The programme is also concerned with providing educational materials through video recordings which serve as guidance and educational recourse on topics such as the care of albums and family archives, how Palestinian agricultural watchtowers (manatir) are built, and more.

The educational workshops intersect directly with the main themes offered by the museum's exhibitions and programmes and are diverse in their offerings. Some specialise in providing training lectures on the mechanisms of museum production, starting from the production of conceptual materials through to media and artistic production and the creation of exhibitions. They go into detail on construction and production needs and so the audience of these workshops is wide, ranging from families, art and architecture students, designers, cultural institutions and municipalities, those interested in fashion and its design, and emerging artists.