Introduction to the Palestinian Museums

Concept: the Palestinian Museum is presenting its own vision of archives via the project Introduction to the Palestinian Museums. This project is a pioneering experiment whose participants include both museums inside and outside Palestine, and those that take Palestine as a subject for research. Via preliminary activities connected to development and continuity, it ultimately seeks to shed light on the museum experience in general. Specifically, it explores various aspects of museum experience in the participating museums and their special collections, placing them within their societal and cultural contexts and demonstrating the extent of their contribution to the colourful mosaic of Palestinian cultural life.

These museums (and various personal collections) serve to document, via their different spaces, collections and visions, details of the philosophy and reasoning behind their original establishment. In this project, we hope in this project to raise questions about what distinguishes these museum experiences in particular, in an attempt to trace non-linear narratives connected to the Palestinian question and Palestinian society, by shedding light on the museum as a multi-layered archive that enacts Palestine’s varied history and constantly changing geography.