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Conservation Lab press kit
The Palestinian Museum launched its new specialist facilities for the storage and restoration of textiles and Palestinian embroidery (Tatreez), including traditional dresses (thobes). The project is born of the Museum’s mission to professionalise the care and display of Palestinian cultural heritage. The facilities include a professionally equipped space devoted to textiles storage and a heritage
"Sanasel" educational platform press kit
The Palestinian Museum launched the online learning platform ‘Sanasel: Play Together, Learn Together’. As an Arabic-language educational museum website, it is the first of its kind in the world. The platform creates a digital space for play and exploration, contributing to the expansion of museum-based learning experiences for children, adolescents, families, and teachers. The ceremony was held at
"A People by the Sea" exhibition press kit
"A People by the Sea: Narratives of the Palestinian Coast" sheds light on the history of the Palestinian coast. It considers possible futures by reviewing and reflecting on past experiences. Starting from the mid-18th century and ending in 1948, the exhibition allows for a re-examination of the Nakba through a presentation of two hundred years of historical landmarks.
"Glimmer of a Grove Beyond" exhibition press kit
"Glimmer of a Grove Beyond" explores representations of Palestinian land and natural geography through an array of political posters drawn from the Palestinian Museum’s permanent collection. The collection includes a set of 540 Palestinian political posters, produced between the late-1960s and early-1990s, which were collected and generously donated by ambassador Ali Kazak. "Glimmer of a Grove
"Intimate Terrains" exhibition press kit
Intimate Terrains explores the changing representations of landscape by Palestinian artists and our relationship to place and location. Landscape has been a prominent subject matter in Palestinian art as a deeply layered terrain of inscriptions, memories and histories, which holds a central place in Palestinian identity formation.
"Labour of Love" exhibition press kit
In a moment of heightened global conversation around women’s rights and dominion over their bodies, Labour of Love explores Palestinian embroidery through the lenses of gender, labour, symbol, commodity and class. Structured around these thematic poles, the exhibition traces Palestinian embroidery’s shift from an historic, individual practice, associated with self-expression, to a cultural
"Jerusalem Lives" exhibition press kit
In the advent of what Jerusalem continues to face from exclusionary policies enforced by militarization and closure, the Palestinian Museum has created a multi-faceted project and exhibition, JERUSALEM LIVES, which aims to focus on the living aspect of the city and support its people. The exhibition attempts to examine the city of Jerusalem as a case study metaphorically representing globalization

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