Find your way to the Museum in Birzeit

Office Аddress
Museum Street
(off Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street)
PO Box 48, Birzeit, Palestine
Tel: +970 2 294 1948
Fax: +970 2 294 1936
Mob: +970 595 991102

Media inquiries:
The Museum is open to the public Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00 with the availability of guided tours.
Guided tours require prior reservation by phone or email: +970 (2) 294 1948 or by email:

The Museum is closed on religious and official holidays
Health and Safety Guidelines at the Palestinian Museum
-  Use the Museum’s main entrance.
-  Wear a mask at all times while at the Museum.
-  Visitors’ temperatures will be checked upon entry.
-  Observe physical distancing (1.6 metres).
-  Wash and sanitise hands regularly as you move from one area to another.
-  Gloves are optional. If not worn, please wash or sanitise your hands regularly.
-  Avoid touching door knobs, stairway rails and other surfaces.
-  No more than 15 visitors may be present in the exhibition hall at any given time.
-  No more than 30 visitors may be present in the cafeteria at any given time.

-  We are regretfully unable to receive large groups of more than 30 people.
-  We are unable to receive school visits at this time.
-  We recommend that seniors and children under the age of 8 not visit the Museum at this time.
-  The cloak room is closed; we recommend that you travel lightly.
-  Interactive screens and rooms are not available at this time.
-  Kindly refrain from touching exhibition objects.

Visits to the interactive Glass Gallery are possible according to the following conditions:
-  Groups of no more than 10 people may be present in the Gallery at any given time.
-  15 minutes interval between each visit will be observed.
-  All furnishings must be sanitised after each visit.
-  Movement of a group from one station to the next should be done collectively. Individual stations must be sanitised immediately by the visitor or by facilities personnel.
-  Sanitise materials prior to their usage.

 Guided Tours
-  Guided tours are given to groups of up to five people at a time.
-  Gloves are required prior to use of headsets in the exhibition. Headsets will be sanitised following each use.
-  Reservations for guided tours can be made by phone: +970 (2) 294 1948 or by email:
- Guided exhibition and garden tours are 30 minutes and 15 minutes long respectively.

Exhibition Admission Tickets
Locals Toursits
Individual ₪2  ₪20
Group ₪1  ₪15
School and University Visits are for free

Exhibition Guided Tours 
Daily except Friday and Saturday, Guided Tours (30 minutes)
No. of visitors  1-7 8-14 15-25  
Locals  ₪20 ₪30 ₪40  
Tourists ₪50 ₪75 ₪100

Guided Tours at the Building and Garden
Daily except Friday and Saturday, Guided Tours (15 minutes)
No. of visitors  1-7 8-14 15-25 
Locals  ₪20 ₪30 ₪40 
Tourists ₪40 ₪50 ₪60

Sign up for LEED guided tours in our green building (Free) here.