The Museum

The Palestinian Museum – Non-Governmental Association is dedicated to supporting an open and vibrant Palestinian culture locally and internationally. The museum presents and contributes to new narratives on Palestinian history, culture and society from a new perspective. It also offers spaces for creative ventures, educational programmes, and innovative research. The Palestinian Museum is a Swiss-registered non-governmental association with a branch in Palestine.


The Palestinian Museum strategic goals

Goal I: Tangible and intangible Palestinian cultural heritage is documented, protected, promoted, and made accessible to local communities and wider audiences to enhance sumood (steadfastness) under occupation; connecting fragmented communities and promoting global recognition of Palestinian heritage, identities, and futurity.
Goal II: Produce and deliver inspiring interactive learning experiences for growing and more diverse audiences.
Goal III: Expand Palestinian Museum networks and partnerships and increase community engagement and transnational solidarity.
Goal IV: A vibrant institution that manages its resources efficiently and sustainably.


A vital and sustainable Palestinian museum culture.



The production and dissemination of emancipatory learning experiences about Palestine, its people and history through innovative programmes in Palestine and around the world.



Accessibility: The Palestinian Museum builds partnerships and bolsters Palestinian communities wherever they are.
Quality: The Palestinian Museum produces verifiably accurate content.
Creativity and innovation: The Palestinian Museum presents novel tools and concepts as well as innovative content across its various platforms.
Transparency: The Palestinian Museum is accountable to society and strives to maintain its trustworthiness.
Independence: The Palestinian Museum is an independent institution with no political affiliations.
Inspiration: The Palestinian Museum is a source of hope for a free Palestinian future.


Museum across borders

The Palestinian Museum was designed to be an institution that transcends political and geographical borders in seeking to form a link between Palestinians in Palestine and abroad through its digital archives and online platforms. It does so alongside its network of local and international partnerships that allow for the exchange of experiences, resources, exhibitions, and projects.


Our story

In 1997, members of the Taawon Association Board of Trustees initiated the idea of establishing a museum in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Nakba, to document the catastrophe that marked a turning point in the modern history of Palestine following the expulsion of more than 60% of the Palestinian population from historic Palestine. With time, the idea of the museum evolved and is no longer limited to preserving memory only; the museum also aims to be an institution that seeks to breathe new life into and celebrate Palestinian culture through a series of innovative and creative programmes that will allow its audience to reflect on the present to imagine a better future.